Start-up advice & raising finance

Tarrant Green & Company has many years of experience in advising clients who set up new businesses within the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) sector. In the UK, 99% of all businesses are SMEs, with up to 250 employees, generating £1,647 billion in turnover according to BIS Business Population Estimates 2014.

Customised advice

Advice is tailored to take into account many factors including, but not limited to the particular trade or profession, the age of the client(s) and the financial resources available. Tarrant Green & Company advises on a whole range of business formats whether they be:

  1. Sole traders
  2. Partnerships, including Limited Liability Partnerships
  3. Limited Companies
  4. Limited Companies which incorporate Employee Share Ownership Schemes

ICAEW scheme, first meeting free

In order to support emerging new businesses and SMEs, we are proud participants in the Business Advice Service of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and businesses are encouraged to discuss their particular circumstances in a face to face meeting with us. We will explore the best ways forward, having the client’s particular circumstances and aspirations as the key objective at all times. There is no charge for this initial meeting. The meeting will cover these four key business formats and highlight the respective features of each in connection with the differing treatment in taxation, including possible registration for VAT & PAYE schemes, raising of finance and methods of accounting.

Funding options

A diverse range of funding options is available, ranging from peer to peer lending – a growing sector which has resulted from the banks’ failure to extend a sufficient level of support which many emergent businesses need – to the sale and lease back of assets, debtor factoring and regional grants. Other areas of consideration may include possible advantages of employee share ownership – the so-called ‘John Lewis’ model. Apart from providing various tax benefits to employees and a considerable incentive to get a share of the action, there are also potential tax and other benefits to ‘founder shareholders’ in the event that they wish to retire or sell all or part of their interest whilst limiting Capital Gains Tax. Tarrant Green has considerable experience in obtaining funding for clients through a range of sources including but not limited to bank overdrafts, loans under the Government small loans business schemes, sale and leaseback, and debt factoring.