Investigations, including forensic accounting & litigation support

We provide expert, practical, litigation support at Tarrant Green & Company. Our service covers the preparation of pleadings and instructing counsel, and court attendance in both the Chancery Division of the High Court and County Court. This has included opposing a winding up order, and challenging and successfully defending an application for possession of a client’s residence.

Expert forensic accounting and litigation experience

Investigation identified irregularies missed by Big 4 auditors

Tarrant Green and Company carried out a critical review of internal controls for a public engineering plant & tool hire company. The review paid particular regard to purchases and expenses authorisation following a systematic series of defalcations totalling £150,000 by a head office employee over a period of 18 months. This was not discovered by their auditors, one of the Big 4! During the course of investigation, including investigation procedures at a selected number of branches (out of the 350 total), we discovered a very substantial shortfall on plant inventory totalling in excess of £3.5m. We put together a report recommending the set up of an internal audit department to carry out continuous examinations and monitoring. Our immediate recommendation was for the set-up of a skeleton department with the assistance of a substantial accounting firm (not the auditors), following which, recruitment of internal permanent staff could take place.

Witness for the Serious Fraud Office

Our senior partner, Tarrant Green, appeared as a witness for the SFO in the prosecution of perpetrators of an investment scam.

Case made for consequential loss claim

Tarrant Green and Company provided assistance in the preparation of a case where the clients suffered consequential loss as a result of provision of substandard product by the respondents.

Due diligence completed on acquisition target

At the request of a London solicitor client, Tarrant Green and Company carried out due diligence on a medium sized firm, considered as a potential for takeover.