When accuracy is a pre-requisite and financial protocols are a must, the financial management services from Tarrant Green & Company provide extra benefits. Our approach offers a holistic view, with a choice of options and clear expert guidance, which sets our service apart. It adds to the credibility of your own business and can accelerate your growth plans.

ServcesOur services include:

  • advising on business start-ups
  • forensic accounting
  • taxation investigations and litigation support services
  • advice and training on appropriate accounts systems and software
  • assisting in raising finance
  • business recovery including reorganisation and company reconstruction
  • debt counselling
  • advising on the most efficient approach to taxation.

Email or call +44(0)1438 869 644 for details.

I have known Mr Green for over 40 years and in that time he has been my accountant in my legal practice and various business ventures and given me a huge amount of help in not only the basic preparation of accounts tax returns etc but also in a proactive sense of advising on structures and running of these businesses. He has always been helpful and generous with his time when needed.