Leaders of British SMEs work 15 months a year

15The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) conducted a survey of leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with between 10 and 249 staff work. The research has revealed that they work 3 extra months in a year, over and above a 40 hour working week. On average SME leaders work 10 hours extra hours a week and this rises to 13.4 hours a week for those in the larger SMEs with 100 to 249 staff. The survey showed that back office tasks account for much of this additional workload.

  •  90 minutes per week is spent on marketing
  • 77 minutes on HR related activities
  • 73 minutes per week is spent handling insurance
  • 62 minutes is required to manage IT
  • 37 minutes is taken by dealing with office supplies

“It is concerning to think that SMEs work an extra quarter of a year, effectively doing a full year’s work by October. Much of this time is spent on tasks that have nothing to do with their core business goals,” commented Steve White, Chief Executive of BIBA

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